After graduating from high school with a full scholarship, I attended 4 years at Lake Superior State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration Degree. 

During the last 2 years of high school and all throughout University, I experienced sudden sharp headaches with facial numbness, and tingling.  This would occur frequently and sometimes several times a day.  I also suffered from ulcers and canker sores. 

Being a perfectionist, I worried about everything.  Being concerned about the headaches and numbness, I went a few times to see my family doctor.  None of my symptoms were looked into and no tests were ever done.  It was said to be normal and that it was just stress and tension headaches.

After graduating, I worked in retail for awhile before changing to the Hospitality industry.  It is here where I worked my way up to Assistant Manager with the Days Inn Hotel.

My wife and I married in July 1991, and we had our daughter in Nov.1992.  In 1994 we were expecting our second child.

Age 28

March 12 1994 changed my life.

That evening I worked 3pm-12 midnight at the Hotel.  It was a busy and hectic night with hockey teams checking in.  Soon after coming home, the hotel called back because they couldn’t find a set of keys.  I knew that I would worry about them, so I went back to the hotel to look for them. After 1:30 I arrived back home, and finally relaxed after having a couple of drinks before going to bed at 2:45.  I had not found the keys.


My wife was awakened to me having a seizure.  She called 911, and I was rushed to the hospital.  I suffered temporary memory loss, and did not know who my wife was or my daughter.

8:30 am that next morning I was sent back home.  For days, I still continued to experience frequent headaches and numbness. 

It wasn’t until March 23 that I had a CAT scan and ECG.


The scan showed (hydrocephalus), water on the brain.

March 25 I was scheduled to go to Sudbury to meet the Neurosurgeon.  Surgery was scheduled for March 29. 

Everything just spiralled and happened so quickly.  There was no time to process what was going on or what was to take place.  It was a very emotional time.  I was scared and didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be.  We were told the risks, but basically had no choice.  The alternative was worse.

Surgery was done and a VP shunt was put in.  It was the longest two weeks in the hospital.  Recovery was 2 months.

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